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مشخصات کلی Efficiency in sustainable supply chain

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Paulina Golinska-Dawson; Adam Kolinskiدرخواست کتاب اورجینال

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Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017] ©2017خرید و فروش فایل

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نوع منبع:Book, Computer File

تمام نویسندگان / همکاران: Paulina Golinska-Dawson; Adam Kolinski Find more information about: Paulina Golinska-Dawson Adam Kolinski

شناسه شابک ISBN:9783319464510 3319464515

شناسه OCLC:979267550

جزئیات Description:1 online resource (218 pages).

فهرست محتوا:Preface; فهرست محتوا; Efficiency in Sustainable Supply Chain-Strategic Aspects; 1 Sustainable Supply Chain in Forming Environmental Macro مسئوليت Responsibility; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Controversial Aspects of Macro Environmental Analysis; 3 Theoretical Basis of Sustainable Supply Chain Management; 4 Applied Aspects of Sustainable Supply Chain; 5 Conclusions; References; 2 The Transformation of Supply Chains in Closed-Loop Supply Chains; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Material Flows; 3 Macroeconomic Analysis; 4 Selected Implementation Variants 4.1 Capacitated Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem with Only Disposal4.2 Capacitated Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem with Only Remanufacturing; 4.3 Capacitated Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem with Remanufacturing and Disposal; 4.4 Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem with Capacitated Production and Uncapacitated Remanufacturing; 5 Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; 3 Innovative Approaches to Improve Sustainability of Physical Distribution in Dutch Agrifood Supply Chains; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Innovation and Physical Distribution; 3 Sustainability and the Physical Distribution of Agrifood Products 4 Strategies in Making Physical Distribution More Sustainable5 Methodology; 6 Results; 7 Conclusions; References; 4 Sustainability-Indispensable Part of the Logistics Development; Abstract; 1 Sustainability Dimensions; 2 Logistic Challenges in FMCG Industry; 3 Directions of Sustainable Logistics Development; 4 Principles of Physical Internet; 5 Conclusions; References; 5 Using DMAIC for Making Sustainable Supply Chain Efficient in a GRAI Environment; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 GRAI Environment; 2.1 GRAI Methodology; 2.2 Architecture of GRAIMOD; 3 DMAIC 4 Efficiency of Sustainable Supply Chain by Combining the Use of GRAIMOD and DMAIC5 Illustration of DMAIC; 5.1 The Modelling Phase: Define; 5.2 The Analysis Phase: Measure and Analyse; 5.3 Design Phase: Innovate, Control and Standardise; 6 Conclusions and Further Research; References; 6 Ecological Aspects of the Implementation of Logistics Processes in E-commerce; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Advantages and Limitations in E-commerce; 3 Evolution of the Supply Process Organisation for E-Commerce; 4 Indicators; 4.1 Indicators Evaluating the Level of Quality of Logistics Services 4.2 Indicators/Measures Monitoring Ecological Aspects of Logistics4.3 Indicators Monitoring Aspects Related to Deliveries of Goods; 5 E-Commerce Trends; 6 Conclusions; References; 7 Green Logistics as the Basis for Improving Environmental Efficiency of Transport; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Green Logistics-Literature Review; 3 Eco-efficiency: Notion, Role and Place in the Scientific Category ‘Efficiency’; 4 Analysis of the Transport Industry; 5 Interconnection of Economic and Environmental Efficiency; 6 Eco-efficiency Calculation; 7 Conclusions and Further Research; Acknowledgments

عنوان سری:EcoProduction.

مسئوليت Responsibility:Paulina Golinska-Dawson, Adam Kolinski, editors.

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